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$80 to $120 USD per hour and estimates are based on approx. # of hours, complexity, and urgency.

Logan Kaptan
Logan Kaptan
Webmaster & Graphic Artist

Lead web designer at Grafxion labs in Florida.

Ogun Kaptan is a multi-faceted individual with a wide range of interests. He is a motorcycle enthusiast, who enjoys the freedom and thrill of riding on the open road. He is also an avid water sports enthusiast, and was once a competitive water polo player. He has a strong connection to water, and loves being near it, whether it be at the beach or on a boat. As a father, Ogun is known for being a great dad, always finding time for his children despite his busy schedule. He is also a creative mind, interested in music and DJing, often DJing in private parties. He is also a computer geek, and enjoys spending time with technology. Living in Florida, he is able to enjoy the many outdoor activities the state has to offer, while still being able to pursue his interests in music and technology.
Overall, Ogun Kaptan is a well-rounded individual with a passion for many different things.

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