How to Fix “App Is Damaged and Can't Be Opened” on Mac

How to Fix “App Is Damaged and Can’t Be Opened” on Mac

(Tested on macOS Catalina v10.15.7)


sudo spctl –master-disable
xattr -r -d <path to file or app>

HOWTO:::  Copying the file path for any file or folder in your Mac’s Finder app:
  1. Open Finder on your Mac
  2. From the Mac menu bar, select “View”
  3. Choose “Show Path Bar” (This surfaces the path for any file selected at the bottom of the Finder window. If you try to copy the text at the bottom of the window, nothing happens. So how can you actually copy the file path name?)
  4. While holding down the “Control” button, click on the file you want to copy the path of in Finder
  5. Press the “Option” key (In the menu that appears after step one, you’ll see “Copy” turn into “Copy [file path name] as Pathname”. )
  6. Select “Copy [file path name] as Pathname”
or Simply drag the app from Application folder into Terminal